Stronger, Faster, Water resistant

Gomate V4S has been rated the best guard patrol system on the market

About V4S

Gomate V4S is not only extremely responsive but also stronger, tougher, water resistant and many other features. We will describe the V4S in just few words...

Stronger, faster, tougher

Water resistant

We've gone an extra mile and we decided to put it under extreme test. The V4S have been tested under 1 metre of water and up to 30 minutes.

Stronger, Tougher

We honestly think that anti-vandal alarms are useless. Having the anti-vandal will only alert that someone has tried to damage the device but with chances to actually damage the device. Not the V4S, this device have been thrown from a 46 feet high building and been run over by a 10 ton truck! We sincerely wish good luck to anyone who attempt to vandalise the V4S.

Flashlight built-in

Security guards need a flashlight when conducting the patrol at night or in dark areas, this is why we've incorporated a flashlight onto the V4S. The flashlight has a 130 lumen led, able to bright the area up to 6 metres. With this feature incorporated will ensure the patrol is conducted safely and effectively.

Why V4S?

Please take a minute, we've put together a video explaining why...


Is much more than good looks. Gomate V4S full features.

The Body/

V4S's body has a combination of ABS plastic, metal and rubber. This to prevent drop falls, accidental damage, vandalism and water drop.

The Charging & Data Transfer/

Is not just plug & play, both the charger/data cable and the device's charging jack are built with strong neo magnets, this to ensure the cable find it's way in when need of charge or data transfer.

The Size & Weight/

Compact size of 148mm in Height, 42mm Width, 34mm in Diameter and 243g in weight.

/The Storage

Compared to other guard patrol devices on the market which will only record up to two thousand events, the V4S has a massive storage and can save up to sixty thousand (60,000) events!

/The Reading Distance

No need to touch the checkpoints, the V4S will read the checkpoint at 5 cm away.

/The Battery

Charging time is between 2-3 hours and it lasts up to 26 continuous days.

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Available on

Our software is available on Windows platforms only.
An installation disk is provided on every purchase.

Normal Checkpoints

The V4S checkpoints' shell is made of ABS plastic. With a RFID chip built-in which operates on 125Khz frequency is making the collection of points faster and more responsive.

Size: -W.80mm -H.59mm -D.9mm

Fluorescent Checkpoints

Fluorescence light is produced by emission of light that has absorbed light or other electromagnetic radiation. Introducing the luminescence formula to our checkpoints will increase the visibility of the checkpoints and even better, no batteries required.

Size: -W.80mm -H.59mm -D.9mm

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